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Managed care contracting utilizing an FTC approved "messenger model".
Coordination with employer alliances, managed care plans and insurance companies to ensure locally directed quality patient care.
Risk Management Education for physicians, mid-level providers and office staff. CME's available for physicians.
Credentialing and recredentialing of all our licensed professionals consistent with NCQA standards.
Group purchasing program for Professional Liability Insurance resulting in significant savings for Members.
Practice Management Education to assist our members to be more efficient and cost effective.
Annual OSHA Compliance Testing.


The SEQC network provides an extensive variety of speciality physicians who offer local, quality and affordable care to Primary PhysicianCare members. The administrative staff members of SEQC are always pleasant and ready to lend a hand. They constantly supply prompt and accurate information regarding their physician practices.

LaTonya Dalton
Primary PhysicianCare

Managed Care Contract Details

SEQC physicians participating in this health plan are listed below.  Please click on any practice for additional information regarding these physicians.

MultiPlan (BCE Emergis, United Payors & United Providers Network)

SEQC entered into a group agreement with Americas Health Plan, Inc. (AmHP) on March 20, 1997. This PPO agreement was amended on April 1, 1999 to recognize the buyout of AmHP by United Payors & United Providers, Inc. (UP&UP). Reimbursement for covered services is at a % of current year Medicare. Specific percentages are outlined in the 2005 Amendment. Each physician affiliate must execute a Provider Services Adoption Agreement indicating his/her agreement with the terms of the contract as executed by SEQC.

Physician Specialty Practice
Ajao, Fola, M.D.Internal MedicineGaston Medical Associates, P.A.
Anthony, Jr., William, M.D.Family PracticeAnthony Medical Clinic
Astle, Nancy, M.D.DermatologyPiedmont Plastic Surgery & Dermatology
Bailey, Luna, M.D.OtolaryngologyENT Carolina, P.A.
Baker, Joshua, O.D.OptometryGaston Eye Associates, LLP
Banerjee, Anup, M.D.PulmonaryGastonia Medical Specialty Clinic, P.A.
Barnett, Taneisha, PA-CPhysical AssistantGaston Medical Associates, P.A.
Brown, M. Todd, M.D.OphthalmologyGaston Eye Associates, LLP
Burns, Christine, WHNPGYNCourtview GYN, P.A.
Day, Courtney, ANP-BCNurse PractitionerGastonia Medical Specialty Clinic, P.A.
Drake, Samuel, M.D.GastroenterologyGaston Digestive Disease Clinic, P.A.
Draughn, David, M.D.General Surgery
Vascular,Thoracic, Laparoscopic
Vein Specialists of the Carolinas - F/K/A Draughn Surgical Clinic, P.A.
Efird, Mark, P.A.Family PracticeAnthony Medical Clinic
Emerson, Eric, M.D.Plastic SurgeryPiedmont Plastic Surgery & Dermatology
Fernandez, Katherine, PAPhysician AssistantVein Specialists of the Carolinas - F/K/A Draughn Surgical Clinic, P.A.
Forbes, Neville, M.D.GastroenterologyGaston Medical Associates, P.A.
Foster, John, O.D.OptometryGaston Eye Associates, LLP
Garrido, Rey, O.D.OptometryGaston Eye Associates, LLP
Gaslin, Michael, M.D.OtolaryngologyENT Carolina, P.A.
Gelot, Deepak, M.D.Family PracticeCarolina Family Care, P.A.
Gessert-Herring, Krystal, NPNurse PractitionerInternal Medicine Associates of Gastonia, P.A.
Hartwell, Erin, M.D.OB/GYNCourtview GYN, P.A.
Huntsinger, Lisa, NPFamily PracticeCarolina Family Care, P.A.
Hutchins, Charles, M.D.Facial PlasticLaser Skin Care, PLLC
Jarratt, Mikell, M.D.Internal MedicineGastonia Medical Specialty Clinic, P.A.
Kelchner, Janet, NPNurse PractitionerGastonia Medical Specialty Clinic, P.A.
Levy, Frederic, M.D.OtolaryngologyENT Carolina, P.A.
Lowery, John, MDOphthalmologyGaston Eye Associates, LLP
Lund, Michael, M.D.OphthalmologyGaston Eye Associates, LLP
Mahrle-Henson, April, AGNP-BCNurse PractitionerGastonia Medical Specialty Clinic, P.A.
McCullen, Bob, M.D.OphthalmologyGaston Eye Associates, LLP
Patel, Ajaykumar, M.D.PulmonologyGastonia Medical Specialty Clinic, P.A.
Pearson, Lawrence, M.D.DermatologyPiedmont Plastic Surgery & Dermatology
Putterman, Paul, MDPhlebologyVein Specialists of the Carolinas - F/K/A Draughn Surgical Clinic, P.A.
Reiber, Mark, M.D.OtolaryngologyENT Carolina, P.A.
Rybin, Pavel, PAENT Carolina, P.A.
Safrit, Debra, FNPInternal MedicineGaston Medical Associates, P.A.
Sales, Eileen, M.D.OB/GYNCourtview GYN, P.A.
Self, Megan, FNP-CNurse PractitionerGastonia Medical Specialty Clinic, P.A.
Siciliano, Steven, MDPlastic SurgeryPiedmont Plastic Surgery & Dermatology
Sidhu, Surendra, M.D.Family PracticePiedmont Family Care
Stallard, Emily, NP-BCNurse PractitionerGastonia Medical Specialty Clinic, P.A.
Sullivan, Robert, O.D.OptometryGaston Eye Associates, LLP
Timmons IV, Benson, M.D.Plastic SurgeryPiedmont Plastic Surgery & Dermatology
Villarreal, Jaime, M.D.Internal MedicineInternal Medicine Associates of Gastonia, P.A.
Watkins, William, M.D.GastroenterologyGaston Gastroenterology, P.A.
Yelverton, Joshua, MDOtolaryngologyENT Carolina, P.A.

Physician Referral (Members)

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